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Tracy’s love affair with singing, began at the age of seven, with the Jackson 5’s first album as the back up band, and a broomstick for a microphone.


“I knew every word to the Jackson Five’s first album, and my family would call me up to sing and give me the broom and throw quarters at me, music is and always will be my first love.”


Musical theatre was the beginning of her professional career as a young teenager. Tracy went on to study acting at the Anna Panaro School for Acting, and private training with C. David Barrett and she graduated from
The Walton School for Performing Arts. 


As fate would have it, she began working in the music industry, and went on to working with some of the most well-known figures in the industry which included Nesuhi Ertegun and Bruce Lundvall, just to name a few.  This led to meeting some of the most iconic men and woman of the entertainment industry. 

“I always sang for the love of music whenever I could, but the time came when I decided to pursue a singing career again”.


Tracy was working during the day and singing at night, and a call came in for a recording session for a house music remake of “Oh Happy Day” with Producers Victor Simonelli and Frankie C. Their version of the gospel classic was the first gospel house track ever created, and it’s still a DJ favorite to this day, and the rest is music history.  


She worked again with Frankie C on a cover of Aretha Franklins “Dr. Feelgood” which led to a flow of constant work and performances internationally.  

In 2013 Tracy signed to Honeycomb Music and got the opportunity to write with Grammy nominated artist and producer, Josh Milan.

He produced her EP titled “For Kim”.  The single “SMILE” was played worldwide which led to performances with Grammy-nominated producer Louie Vega.  Tracy has performed Nationally and Internationally and is currently working on a show about the iconic Etta James.


“As an artist I feel it is our duty to pass on the musically history of those whose shoulders we stand on, that music needs to stay relevant as we create new brands of magic for generations to come” …. Tracy Brathwaite!

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